If you are in the mood of western food, we have selections of pasta or pizza. And if your tongue needs a touch of local taste, just try our fabulous kampong fried noodle or spicy tomato noodle. There is no specific style to our cuisine other than exceptional taste, quality and presentation. Each menu is presented with passion and set in elegance ambiance. The combination of different tastes, flavors, colors and presentation ensures that you will have a memorable food experience at Chakra. Chakra only uses the finest ingredients and take real pride in preparing quality food for you.


In France, the traditional ‘aperitif’ is a real friendly ritual. French people like to sip some cocktail, fruit juice or alcohol drink, especially before dinner, when inviting relatives or friends. The very word of "Aperitif" actually designates both the drink and the convivial moment before a meal. Chakra have selections of aperitif drinks, easy-drinking cocktails with less alcohol. For a super hot day, our Blackberries Muddled with vodka, lemonade, and topped with sprite will definitely boost your mood up. For pretty ladies, we have The Peach Flip with peaches, lemonade and vodka that surely can make you feel even prettier. So, how’s your mood today?